8x10 softcover book
100 pages / 99 images

Twenty-nine is a collection of photographs created during this last year of my twenties, in which I found myself exploring the dialogue between my inner & outer worlds.  Through a play of light & darkness, color & lack of, I explore the dance of the nuanced insider-outsider narrative, delicately balancing inclusion & exclusion, connection & isolation, concealment & revelation.  These photographs serve as mirrors that prompt me to ponder my own sense of belonging & the ever-evolving understanding of myself & the world around me. 

Twenty-nine is an exploration, a discovery, an act of honoring the duality of all of the parts of myself.  It’s a visual manifestation of the ebbs and flows of losing yourself, finding yourself, & the perpetual cycle of falling in & out of love along the way.

You will receive a tracking number once it’s en route!  Thanks so much for your support, I hope you find your own meaning in these photographs & they help you along your own path :)